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Jobsharing And Beyond

Sep 12, 2021

Ariane Virtue is one of Australia’s most prominent thought leaders in the area of flexible work strategy, design and implementation. 

She designs and implements experiential flexible working programs for blue-chip global clients, using ‘best-practice’ meets ‘best fit’ methodologies fit with cutting-edge content, delivered with impact. 

She is the Co-Founder of Flex We Are Australia's leading flexible workplace consultancy. 

Flex We Are focusses on humanising work to increase  productivity, increase health & wellbeing for your people and reduce operating costs.

An innovative consultant, trainer and leadership advisory expert with over twenty years of experience across multiple industries in APAC, heading Talent & Leadership Risk consulting and advisory teams, to deliver complex talent issues. 

She understands that championing diversity to unbundle the myths and facts of what is flexible working and gives the clarity of how flexible work can solve broad business and talent issues.

To create workplaces of the future there needs to be a shift of mindset, the modern workplace and workforce has entered a new paradigm.

Flexible working is the model enabling organisations to thrive and survive, while they manage this transformational change of managing a hybrid workplace with a distributed workforce.

Ariane would love to see work / life blend move to work / life humanisation and that is at the core of everything that she does.


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What we talked about: 

4:05 Co-founding Flex We Are

9:20 Definition of flexible work

14:23 Job Sharing

20:08 How do you successfully manage teams remotely?

26:02 Transferable skills

30:08 Family friendly organization certification


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