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Jobsharing And Beyond

Apr 2, 2021

Ali Caravella is a mom of 2, leadership coach, and human capital consultant dedicated to helping organizations support, engage, and retain women and caregivers in the workforce. As a former Head of HR and management consultant, Ali is keenly aware of the power of successful people strategies as well as the immense deficits organizations face without them.

She is a certified change management professional and helps organizations and individuals adapt, transform, and thrive during today’s unprecedented times. Ali received her degree in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and uses an analytical and fact-based approach to solve business and people challenges.

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What we talked about: 

6:43:White Paper about the impact of covid on professional women

10:50: Video project what companies can do to retain more women 

16:18 Why is job sharing still so uncommon in the USA?

24;30 Men need to do more caregiving

28:14 How do we normalize the conversation about unpaid care work in the workplace? 



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