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Jobsharing And Beyond

Apr 4, 2022

Welcome to the 100th episode! 2 years ago I started this podcast with my first guests, Irenka Krone and Nina Prochazka from Switzerland. And with today’s episode, it has come full circle as I am very appreciative to welcome my next guest from Switzerland, Vanessa Gentile.

Vanessa is half Brazilian and half Italian. She grew up in the canton Thurgau until she was 21 years old and then she moved to Zurich to pursuit her career in the Tech Industry.

Vanessa speaks 6 languages fluently and is the Head of Marketing at Salesforce in Switzerland.

Vanessa’s previous role was the Director Alliance & Channel at Salesforce in Switzerland. She was responsible for the Salesforce Partners Eco-System focusing on Partners capabilities and capacity according to the market growth and need.

Vanessa focused on transmitting and emphasizing the Salesforce journey through partners to transform, accelerate & innovate as Salesforce strongest asset.

To support the growth of Women in the Tech Industry and help women come back to work after a career break, Vanessa founded “Bring women back to work” to increase gender balance in the teams within the Salesforce Partner Eco-System.

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Bring Women Back to Work website:


What we spoke about:

2:52 Multicultural background

5:13 Professional background

9:05 "You are the only version of yourself and that's your super power."

12:26 Bring Women Back to Work program

19:37 Surprising aspects of the program

21:29 Transferable skills from unpaid care work

23:35 BWBW program in 5 years

24:25 How to help women back - advice

27:07 More male role models for care work


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