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Jobsharing And Beyond

Nov 2, 2021

Welcome to the #ItsPossible Canada Career Month Series!

This trailer will give you an overview of the upcoming 10 conversations of this series. 

- Who the series is for?

- What the topics are that I will talk about with my guests?

- Who my guests are?

- Why it is so important to learn about these career topics that are typically outside of the job search?

- What the overall goal of the series is?


Special thanks again to the Canadian Career Development Foundation for putting Canada Career Month together and in particular to Rebecca McCarthy and Emily Worthen!


Here are the mentioned "Job Sharing and Beyond" episodes related to job search that I recommended as a great introduction to the series:

Episode 60: Co-founders of Project Matriarchs, Lola McAllister and Pilar McDonald

Episode 37: Heather Bolen, Lori Sugarman-Li, and Victoria Ipri