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Jobsharing And Beyond

Mar 7, 2022

Thomas Angerstein is the Co-Head of Mission Critical Support EMEA/MEE at SAP Germany.

Thomas is married, the proud dad of a 10 ½ year old and a biker. He has a passion for problem solving, live music and movies. He learned to find pragmatic solutions while being able to improvise.

His first profession was as an agricultural machine mechanic. Before SAP Thomas covered various roles as a developer, IT manager, network administrator and consultant. He held multiple roles in SAP including consultant, software architect, project lead, product owner, escalation manager and then Senior Manager in Mission Critical Support as a co-lead and jobsharer. Additionally, he is the decentralized trainer for vocational training students and a big fan of mentoring (in both directions).

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What we spoke about:

4:43 Thomas' job shared position at SAP

6:23 Transferable skills from his previous career experience

11:30 Job sharing in a mission critical position

16:39 Intergenerational job sharing 

22:21 Surprising aspects of job sharing 

30:26 Job sharing - perceptions by other people

41:52 How to start job sharing in an organization

48:24 He for She initiative

51:49 Dads at SAP

58:28 Keeping up team spirit while working as a hybrid/ remote team


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