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Jobsharing And Beyond

Jul 10, 2020

Hi everyone, welcome to a special episode of Job sharing and Beyond! Today, instead of having a guest, I will share some of the highlights from the first 5 published episodes and additional updates & research. I am adding links to the mentioned articles etc. in the episode notes below.


Episode 1: Irenka Krone & Nina Prochazka

Go for - State Secretariat for Migration Video about Job Sharing

Example of 2 doctors top sharing in Switzerland

Why should Short-Time Compensation Programs (aka Work Sharing - Kurzarbeit - RHT) Include some Job Sharing Elements?

Episode 2: Sara Horsfall

Collaboration with Professor Lynn Martin to increase more women in STEM.

Episode 3: Maggy Pigott CBE

Maggy Pigott's book: "How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller Life"

Episode 4: Nina Strassner, LL.M.

SZ article about co-leadership at SAP (in German)

Episode 5: Dan Reed

111th Episode of Lockdown Lowdown


Links to the other mentioned articles:

NYT article: "In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both."

HBR article: "3 Ways to Advance Gender Equity as We Return to the Office"