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Jobsharing And Beyond

May 17, 2022

Inspired by the wonderful Aoife O'Brien and her solo episodes on her podcast "Happier at Work" I have created this solo episode!

In this special episode I talk about about flexible work and in particular why we still have a very long way to go regarding part-time work as well as remote & part-time work in North America and beyond.

In the episode I also invite you, my listeners to contemplate some of your views about part-time work. 


I referred to several articles in the podcast:

Happier at Work:


Zurich UK:




Air B’nB:


Part-time jobs:


New shift allowing for moms/ caregivers:


If you enjoyed this episode, I also highly recomment the recent podcast episode with Johanna Fink who specialises in part-time careers:


For an overview episode of part-time work in the form of job sharing, I put this episode together in celebration of the 100th episode:

While I may not have focused particularly about the importance of part-time work for *everyone* in this solo episode, I am a big believer that we can only get to more flexible work if we have especially male role models taking on care work and working flexibly. This summary episode talks about my 20+ episodes with dads and dad advocates.


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