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Jobsharing And Beyond

Oct 26, 2021

This week's quick questions' episode is with the following previous guests:

- Taymoor Arshi (#70)

- Michelle Tarvis (#71)

- Andreas Seltmann (#72)


Taymoor Arshi (#70)

CEO and co-founder of Job Pairing. 

#70 episode link:


Favorite book:

"In Search of Excellence" by Tom Peter


How to find Taymoor on social media:





Michelle Tarvis (#71)

Michelle Travis is a law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law and author of "Dads For Daughters" and "My Mom Has Two Jobs".

#71 episode link:


Favorite book:

"Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking" by Susan Cain


How to find Michelle on social media:




Andreas Seltmann (#72)

Dad advocate, author, employer branding expert

#72 episode link:


Favorite book:

"The film club"  by David Gilmour


You can find Andreas on social media at: