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Jobsharing And Beyond

Jun 10, 2020

Nina Strassner, LL.M. is the head of diversity & inclusion at SAP Germany. Prior to SAP, Nina has been running her own law practice, specializing in labour law and also working as a mediator for 12 years. A mother of two, she is a columnist, a well-known German blogger and a published book author providing legal information as well as explanations of legal terms for parents in day-to-day situations with their children in a fun and easy to understand manner.


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Things we discussed in this episode:

4:27 Nina talks about the many programs that her department is running – from gender intelligence, different generations, inclusion, family & career to SAP for you-mindfulness.

7:34 At SAP there is job sharing and co-leadership. Job sharers are so common that they are not even tracked. Co-leadership is job sharing on a management level.

11:56 Co-leadership: male/ female/ mixed leadership pairs – it can include multi-generational co-leadership as a great onboarding opportunity.

16:27 “Keep in touch” days during pregnancy leave – to ensure that the parents know what is going on at SAP business-wise. These events include parents and children.

20:00 Father network at SAP