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Jobsharing And Beyond

Oct 11, 2021

Michelle Travis is a law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she co-directs USF’s Work Law and Justice Program.

Michelle is an expert on employment discrimination law, gender stereotypes, and work/family integration.

She is a founding member of the Work and Family Researchers Network and serves on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Fathering Together.

Michelle’s latest book, Dads For Daughters, is a guide for engaging male allies in support of gender equity. Michelle has also authored an award-winning children’s picture book, My Mom Has Two Jobs, which celebrates working moms.

This episode focuses in particular how men and fathers can help the world to get to gender equity faster. Michelle provides insightful practical tips and examples how to do this from her book research and advocacy work in general.


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What we talked about in the episode:

3:02 Michelle professional background

4:15 Flexible work

8:18 Why did she write her two books?

13:01 Practical advice from Michelle's book "Dads for Daughters"

1. Dads for Daughters campaign


2. Flip it to test it

22:46 Flexible work champions

30:29 Fathering Together



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