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Jobsharing And Beyond

Dec 18, 2020

Margret Steinle is working for the City of Munich in Germany and organizes the project power_m Perspektive Wiedereinstieg.

It is Germany’s largest project for supporting professionals to return to work after an extended career break.

power_m advises about 500 women each year and is funded by the EU, the German Ministry for Women and Families, as well as the City of Munich. Margret studied business administration and has experience in the banking, communications, and consulting industry. A mother of three, she works part-time and knows all about balancing „two“ jobs.


How to reach Margret:

Margret Steinle:


Some English information as part of the - power_m is on page 8 and 9. 


What Margret and I spoke about:

2:34 How did she start working for power_m?

4:13 How did power_m get started?

6:08 Typical profile of a returner

8:49 Flexible jobs & returning professionals

10:25 The Sandwich generation

13:50 Impact of covid on power_m

18:50 How are employers involved with power_m?

23:55 Transferable business skills from unpaid care work

27:30 Tech skills & returners

32:42 power_m alumni

35:52 Financial support of power_m

40:29 How did they start reaching out to potential power_m participants initially?


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