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Jobsharing And Beyond

Aug 6, 2020

John Adams is a stay at/ work from home dad. He started blogging about his experiences shortly after becoming a stay at home dad in 2011.

His blog Dadbloguk is a leading Uk-based parenting, fatherhood, men’s interest, and lifestyle blog. Blogging highlights include interviewing among others Malala’s dad, Michael Douglas, and Steve Carell as well as working with Movember. The blog has won many awards among others, the Best Dad Blog at the 2019 Online Influence Awards as well as the European Parenting Blogs Award 2019.

John has spoken at many conferences and has made regular media appearances across TV, radio, print, and online media.

He recently has been selected as a LinkedIn Changemaker.


Contact information:







Topics we talked about:

3:45 Start of dad blogging

7:54 John's interview with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at the time about flexible working

10:50 Transferable business skills from unpaid care work. We also spoke about Riccarda Zezza's company LIFEED = "Life feeds education" & her original MAAM = "Maternity as a Master" program.

18:30 Covid19 & fathers are doing more unpaid care work

21:40 John's participation at the Flexpo "Returning to work" panel discussion

33:37 John's blog's Q&A: Interviewing Ziauddin Yousafzai, Malala's dad, and two male senior job sharers, Sam White, and Will McDonald.

40:37 Being a LinkedIn Changemaker

53:00 Lack of flexible work leads to loss of talent for companies