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Jobsharing And Beyond

Jan 1, 2022

Welcome to the It'sPossible Canada Career Month Series!

With this year's theme, I have created a series of 10 conversations to talk about aspects of one's career that are beyond the typical job search.

I am very appreciative to welcome as my ninth guest Lyly Luong!

Lyly Luong is a project manager for organizational culture in the tech industry, where she began her career in HR over a decade ago. She drives global projects with primary focus on shaping and strengthening a healthy culture in the technology and innovation area of an international software company based in Germany.

As she is passionate about understanding people’s behaviors and motivations to ultimately help them thrive and succeed in their day-to-day work, Lyly has a deep interest in psychological topics. So on top of her degree in International Business, she picked up studying while being on a fulltime job. She graduated top of her class from a master’s program in Business Psychology in 2019 for which she wrote the twice award-winning master thesis on social competencies in top sharing.

In our conversation, I speak with Lyly about the findings of her research, but as she just recently returned to work after being on parental leave, we will also touch on transferable skills she learned from her transition into a working mom.


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