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Jobsharing And Beyond

Apr 10, 2021

@thejobsharepair are two working mums, Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire, on a mission to raise the profile of job sharing in the world of work and make it an accessible option for anyone! 

They began their own job sharing partnership upon their return to work, in the role of HR Director for a globally reaching professional services firm, following their first maternity leaves (their first babies having been born 6 days apart). At that point, they were the only job sharers in the UK arm of that business. After making a success of their own job share and realising both how underutilised job sharing is within the UK labour market and what a missed opportunity this represented for so many businesses, they initially set up their Instagram account to network with other job sharers, share best practice and highlight great job sharing case studies. This was the first step towards launching what is now their innovative and successful coaching and consulting business, The Job Share Pair Ltd.  


Fuelled by their passion to normalise job sharing as a way of working, and utilising their 25 years combined experience in HR (with over half of these in Board level leadership positions), they focus on helping others reach their full potential at work without compromising family life or free time.  They demystify the methodology of job sharing to organisations, providing them with all the tools needed to make it work, as well as providing bespoke coaching services for job share partners, their managers and their teams, to maximise the effectiveness of their unique partnership and provide the best opportunity for seamless working success.  

They are huge advocates of flexible working, with a particular focus on job sharing, and the impact that a positive work life balance/blend can have on individuals, organisations, and communities. 


How to best contact Hannah and Rachel:

For more information, please visit, search for @thejobsharepair on Instagram and Facebook, connect with Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire on LinkedIn or email


What we talked about:

5:22 Why did they start The Job Share Pair Ltd.?

7:24 How did they hear about job sharing?

9:10 What surprised you the most about job sharing?

11:37 Things they wished they had known prior to job sharing?

14:52 Myths of Job Sharing

26:07 How to make Job Sharing more well-known?

31:45 Advertising & Job Sharing?

36:16 GenZ & Millenials Impact on Job Sharing

45:10 She-cession impact

47:20 Personality for successful Job Sharing


As discussed in the episode:

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Inaugural "Job Sharing and Beyond" episode with Irenka Krone & Nina Prochazka:


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