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Jobsharing And Beyond

Aug 31, 2021

Irenka Krone and Nina Prochazka, Swiss job sharing experts, were the inaugural guests on the Job Sharing and Beyond podcast.

This episode is the audiocast of today's LinkedIn Live conversation with Irenka and Nina.

This second part to our follow up conversations was focused on intergenerational job sharing, communication aspects of job sharing and more.

September 14th free English speaking event "Dare to Share" hosted by Nina:


Here is the first part to our follow up conversations:

- as a podcast episode:

- as the previously live video:


Here is the link to our inaugural podcast episode:


Short bio for Irenka Krone and Nina Prochazka: 

Irenka has been pioneering job sharing in Switzerland and beyond for more than 10 years. She is the co-founder & director of the Part-Time Optimisation Association (PTO) with its website goforjobsharing as well as the job-sharing matchmaking platform We Jobshare.

Irenka holds a doctorate in labour economics and has authored several books and papers on job sharing and part-time employment.

This includes co-directing a book about job & top sharing where 34 leading authors from 5 countries participated in. 

Nina Prochazka, her co-head at the knowledge management, communication & network department at Cinfo, is an organizational and HR development expert with a master’s in international relations and has worked in the Middle East for several years. Nina has been involved with job sharing from a multitude of perspectives including being part of PTO’s Advisory Committee. Both Irenka and Nina have worked previously at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs in Bern. 

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