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Jobsharing And Beyond

Oct 21, 2020

Dr. Stephanie Robben-Beyer is a highly renowned business coach for individuals, business leaders and organizations in Germany. She is also an associate partner with HuntingHer Plus. Her coaching key competencies are focused on social skills, empathic communication, presentation skills and working moms. For more than two decades, she has been a keynote speaker, a TV host as well as a moderator at conventions and conferences. Most recently, she was a host of the hybrid version of the “Demografie Debatte” (demographic debate) conference.

Stephanie’s presentations cover a wide range of topics such as positive feedback, business communication with her biggest passion on talking about the skills learned from being a parent and how this can be applied to business leadership and vice versa. She has written the book “Family Business” about this topic.

How to connect:




What we talked about:

3:58: Background of Stephanie's focus on family competencies

5:52: Book "Family Business"

8:23: Work built on trust (in business & home)

10:29 Examples of parent leadership skills

14:36 FeMentor: Reverse intergenerational mentoring

19:30 Initiative 50Plus Hybrid "Demografie Debatte Konferenz 2020" (Demographic debate conference 2020) - Gender Pay Gap

24:18: Corona - silver lining

29:58 Stephanie's dream


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