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Jobsharing And Beyond

Feb 16, 2021

Chris Parke was awarded a scholarship MBA from Imperial College London and has a Diploma in Clinical Organisational Psychology from INSEAD. He has been an executive coach for over 15 years. Chris is the co-founder of Talking Talent, a global coaching practice which supports some of the world’s leading organisations to retain and develop talent.

Chris wrote his INSEAD Thesis on understanding the complex transition professional women make when they return to work after having children and how organisations could better retain talented women through maternity. This work underpins some of Talking Talent’s unique coaching models and tools for the maternity transition, a core area of expertise. 

Chris started his career in investment banking with BZW, where he worked across Europe and Asia. Following his MBA he moved into consulting with PwC and managed cross border organisational and cultural change projects. It was here that Chris' interest in leadership psychology, and helping teams or individuals realise their full potential built. Chris joined Cedar International, a coaching company in London to pursue this.

From there his passion for the commercial benefits of gender diversity, and balanced leadership teams led Chris to co-found Talking Talent.


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What we talked about:

5:20 Why did Chris co-found Talking Talent?

6:54 What changes in the corporate world has Chris noticed during the 15 years of Talking Talent?

11:26 Corporate engagement during maternity leave or with alumna?

16:07 Dads & flexible work & unpaid care work

30:35 Can the pandemic create normalization for returners due to the remote work of so many workers ?

33:31 Why is job sharing still so underutilized?

40:44 Support for returners

43:55 The importance of being an inclusive leader


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