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Jobsharing And Beyond

Oct 21, 2021

Andreas Seltmann was born at Lake Constance in Germany. He studied electrical Engineering and also holds degrees as a business economist and business moderator. 

Via product management responsibilities he transformed himself into a sales and marketing expert. 

For more than a decade, as a member of the executive board, he led the marketing, customer academy and corporate communications of Hekatron, the German unit of a large Swiss family-owned building and security company.

The company has received several awards for its employer branding, including one from the Great Place to Work Institute as one of the 100 best employers in Germany.

Today, the passionate father, family man and book author works as a management consultant focused on employer branding and HR-Marketing. 

He advises successful companies on their way to become a Top employer. He also builds up Väternetze (father networks) in enterprises and is active as speaker & moderator. 


You can find Andreas on Social Media at:


More about Andreas' book under: (in German)


More about Andreas' Initiative „Dads around the world: (in English) 


What we spoke about:

4:11 Andreas' professional background 

6:47 Hand, Heart and Attitude make us Leaders & Dads

9:08 Framework in business & family

10:32 Book "Neusohnland"

14:48 Transferable skills (from family life to work)

20:28 Transferable skills (from work to family life)

24:42 Boys and Girls Days

28:34 Supporting dads at work


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