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Jobsharing And Beyond

Feb 4, 2022

Welcome to the special bonus episodes of the 31 Days of Transferable Skills Initiative!

During the month of December 2021 I raised awareness about transferable soft/ business skills that can be learned by volunteering, unpaid care work, caregiving, traveling extensively, and more.

The daily LinkedIn posts/ activities included personal experiences from my time as a stay-at-home mom, surveys, research, Q&A interviews, info and quotes from previous podcast guests as well as LinkedIn Lives.

Here is the link to the summary post containing all previous 30 posts.

I will be publishing the 5 LinkedIn Live interviews as bonus podcast episodes throughout the month of January before the start of season 3 in February. 

Today's episode is my day 29 talk with my guest Björn Michael.

Björn is a life coach and facilitator, who believes that fulfillment and contentment make people peaceful and generous. As facilitator he loves to create safe spaces for sharing vulnerability. As a mentor, Björn enables people to feel comfortable and serves them to achieve sustainable life transformations.

Originally from Germany, he currently travels in a motorhome with his wife and daughter through Europe. They are on a Co-Learning & Co-Living journey to explore different ways of sustainable lifestyles and community models.

Since 2021 he got involved in the Post Growth Institute (PGI). Fascinated by the idea of creating a "future that's better, not bigger", he currently learns a lot about the post growth economy.

Björn is a passionate advocate for empathic communication and leads various workshops on this topic.

We are talking about transferable skills learned from Björn's time as a stay-at-home dad as well as the motorhome journey he is currently on.

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