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Jobsharing And Beyond

Nov 7, 2021

Welcome to the #ItsPossible Canada Career Month Series!

With this year's theme, I have created a series of 10 conversations to talk about aspects of one's career that are beyond the typical job search.

I am very appreciative to have as my first guest Lori Sugarman-Li. Lori is a marketing strategist, full-time community activist, and volunteer. She also is rebranding "Stay-at-Home Mom".

When LinkedIn introduced the new official job titles of "Stay-at-home parent/ caregiver" in the experience section, Lori wrote a thought-provoking LinkedIn article “I don’t get paid. So what am I worth?” which really resonated with the LinkedIn community and led to many heartfelt comments as well as private messages. Her recent inspirational article is titled "Do you Work?".

In my conversation with Lori we spoke about the definition of work, what advice she would give someone who is in their early career regarding future caregiving, why it is important to have the job title of "Stay-at-home mom/ parent" on LinkedIn, what skills she has learned from caregiving and more.

Lori created many thought-provoking #ItsPossible statements such as:

It's possible to be a new you at any point you choose to be

It's possible to grow in each season of your life


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Also, if you have not had the opportunity yet to listen to the Job Sharing and Beyond episode 37 with Lori, Heather Bolen and Victoria Ipri when LinkedIn introduced the new stay-at-home parent/ mom job title, here is the link:


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