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Jobsharing And Beyond

May 13, 2020

Sara Horsfall is the founder and CEO of Ginibee and has been specializing in optimizing and simplifying the creation and support of job share partnerships in the UK since 2013.

Ginibee's mission is to make job sharing more accessible and it has led to the launch of their unique retention platform in 2016. 

The cloud-based SaaS solution helps organisations to retain talent and develop a more diverse talent pipeline by empowering employees to form job share partnerships.

There were so many interesting points that Sara touched on in this episode. She shared how she came to found Ginibee, how job sharing has evolved in the UK over time, and why she prefers the term “talent or knowledge partnership” over job sharing.

Sara pointed out important personality traits for job sharers, how to start a job sharing initiative in an organization and also the very interesting aspect that a talent partnership actually creates an increased energy level compared to one full-time person.  

Sara also talked about Ginibee's involvement with 2020 Back2businessship - a part-time course preparing professional returners to go back into employment.

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