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Jobsharing And Beyond

Sep 9, 2020

Dr. Anjali Bansal is a professor and an active researcher in the area of human research management and organizational change. She works with MICA Ahmedabad, which is India's first strategic marketing and communication school. Ahmedabad is India's first heritage city as declared by UNESCO. Anjali has earned her PhD from the faculty of management studies at the University of Delhi. She was one of the youngest PhD holders of the university. Anjali holds her MBA in Human Resources Management and her Bachelor in Biotechnology. Anjali is the subject matter expert of mergers and acquisitions and engages regularly with the big corporates to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Anjali's main contribution lies in contemporary work practices to ensure an engaging and highly productive work environment for a diverse set of employees. Over the years, Anjali has conducted in-depth research on various contingent workforces ranging from Indian educated housewives, retired professionals, part-time employees to LGBTQ workers with the objective to not just only create attractive work opportunities for them, but to also provide them a stimulating work environment. At present, Anjali focuses on contemporary employment practices and thus explores the job sharing, flexible work options, and gig economy in depth. Anjali constantly collaborates for her research with professors in universities abroad like George Washington, Villa Nova, Florida State, De Montfort, CEIBS, Milano Bicocca, and others.

I apologize that the weather influenced the sound quality of our episode today. I have added the transcript of our entire episode to


Contact details:


Topics that we talked about:

Women empowerment and employment

Flexible work culture


Women entrepreneurship


Companies mentioned in our conversation:

- iRelaunch

- Hindustan Unilever

- Cadbury, India

- Tata Consulting Services (TCS)

- MG Motor India "Drive Her Back"

- IIT Madras: Career Back 2 Women

- VMWare: VMinclusion Taara in partnership with Women Who Code

- SharedPro

- Lijjat papad:

- Jaipur Rugs: