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Jobsharing And Beyond

May 8, 2021

I am very appreciative to welcome two guests today! Luisa Hanke and Robert Frischbier.

For you as a long-time listener, you may remember episode 28 when I was first talking with Robert. I invited him back today as Luisa and he are collaborating, and I wanted to learn more about it.

Luisa founded the Vereinbarkeits Lab (translated to meaning work-life integration lab) in 2018. It is a network for business leaders, founders, HR professionals, and people interested in work-life balance. Luisa also works as a systematic coach supporting professionals focused on creating a family-friendly career.

Robert worked in the automotive industry for about 12 years after receiving his diploma in business administration.

While being responsible for the quality management and inside sales Robert learned how difficult it was for a young parent to balance work and life in a very traditional industry. That´s why he left the industry and focused on supporting all kinds of companies to become employee-friendly. Together with his wife Robert founded 2PAARSchultern which means two pairs of shoulders and describes their own lifestyle best.

Besides his work as a consultant and trainer, Robert works as an auditor for the renowned Bertelsmann Foundation certifying companies as family-friendly employers.

Together Luisa and Robert have created the Vereinbarkeits Academy where they offer a work-life balance facilitator training for professionals to teach them how to make their respective organizations more family-friendly.

The first part of my conversation will be with Luisa. Then Robert joins us for the second part. If you have not heard his previous episode on the show, here it is


How to reach Luisa Hanke: 


LinkedIn Page:



Vereinbarkeits Facilitator Course:


How to reach Robert Frischbier: 



Website – includes links to the podcast 2PAARSchultern


What I talked with Luise about:

4:53 Why did Luisa start Vereinsbarkeits Lab ?

9:13 3 Tips for returning professionals

14:03 Job sharing

27:47 Best practice work-life integration companies 

33:24 Transferable skills from unpaid care work


What I talked with Luise and Robert about:

42:47 What is the Vereinbarkeits facilitator course about?

45:30 Why do professionals seek out the academy?

49:35 How do they take back their information to the company?

54:40 Where do you see the work-life integration situation in 5/ 10 years? 


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