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Jobsharing And Beyond

Jan 15, 2021

I am very appreciative to introduce our guest for today, Lisbeth Odgaard Madsen. Lisbeth is the founder and CEO of Potential Company, focusing particularly on the talent pipeline consequences because of the mental rift between family and ambition for men and women. Potential Company expands the opportunities for gender diversity at all levels of the talent pipeline.

Lisbeth is the author of the book “Mother with Ambition” written in Danish. She has been advisor and speaker of various areas of diversity and talent retention.


How you can connect with Lisbeth:



Email - please mention that you heard her speak on this podcast


What we talked about:

5:04 Why did Lisbeth start Potential Company?

8:36 "Keep in Touch" conversations

14:01 Lisbeth's book "Mothers with ambition"

17:20 Flexible work in Denmark

24:20 #stoptalentwaste

27:22 Talent programs for professionals in their 40s


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How to connect with Karin Tischler, producer and podcast host of "Job Sharing and Beyond", and founder of Emily's Path Consulting (EPC):


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