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Jobsharing And Beyond

May 8, 2022

Johanna Fink works as a trainer and coach for part-time managers. She advises companies on how part-time leadership can be successfully implemented in the company. Previously, she worked for several years as a part-time executive in the media industry.

With her work, she stands for a healthy mix of enthusiasm for the topic and pragmatism in implementation. She is able to open up new perspectives on part-time leadership for people, thus enabling innovative solutions. Johanna lives with her family in Germany.  

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We talked about:

3:16 From radio station to self employment

6:31 "Leading in part-time" podcast

9:35 How to do part-time leadership successfully?

21:34 How do we implement part-time leadership more?

25:24 More management in part-time leadership

34:50 Common concerns regarding part-time leadership


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