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Jobsharing And Beyond

May 1, 2021

Freelance journalist Heather Bolen’s Medium article "How a Simple Platform Fix Can Help Millions of Women Trying To Re-Enter the Workforce: LinkedIn must remedy its implicit bias against women" was published on International Women’s Day 2021.

It went viral and caught LinkedIn’s executives' attention when Fortune magazine reached out to them for a response as they were writing an article about it and it sparked the introduction of LinkedIn’s new job titles.

In today's episode, you will hear more from Heather's article, what transferable skills she gained during her time as a stay-at-home mom and ex-pat, and thoughts on how to normalize unpaid care workers in the future.

Heather's original article:

Fortune's article:

Interview with BBC:

Interview with NPR:

Heather's LinkedIn info:

Heather's website:

LinkedIn's Bef Ayenew's article:

Carol Fishman Cohen: iRelaunch


Marketing strategist, full-time community activist, and volunteer Lori Sugarman-Li wrote a thought-provoking LinkedIn article "I don't get paid. So what am I worth?" which really resonated with the LinkedIn community and led to many heartfelt comments as well as private messages.

I asked Lori about the reasons for writing her article, what transferable skills she has learned from her unpaid care work time and being an ex-pat, and how LinkedIn could become a more inclusive platform for unpaid professionals.

Lori's article:

Lori's subsequent article:

Lori's LinkedIn info:


Last but certainly not least, I asked for some feedback from Victoria Ipri, a seasoned executive and middle management resume and job search coach and LinkedIn marketing expert.

Victoria created a LinkedIn post with a poll asking for feedback on the new LinkedIn job titles. It gathered more than 130k views and created a very lively discussion. I asked her about some feedback from the comments and what surprised her the most. 

I also mentioned that a Vanderbilt University research study resulted in suggesting that professionals should be more open about their employment "breaks" and ask Victoria for her feedback about it.

Victoria's LinkedIn post:

Victoria's LinkedIn info:

Research study:


My reference to Katharina Schleeberger's German LinkedIn post that went viral about her struggling to find a leadership position while working 30 hours a work:

Robert Frischbier, one of my upcoming guests next week talked to me on episode 28:

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