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Jobsharing And Beyond

Jun 26, 2021

My guest is a great example of how a non-linear career as well as experiences like being a contestant on Fear Factor led to transferable business skills and innovation.

I can highly recommend David Epstein’s book “Range” that talks more about that very topic. And he also includes in his book the example of Frances Hesselbein, a leadership visionary who started her professional career in her mid-fifties, becoming CEO of Girl Scouts USA by drawing on her many decades of volunteer and unpaid care work earlier.

But now without further ado, let me introduce my guest to you.

Eddie Lin started his career in New York at UBS Investment Bank and Goldman Sachs. After moving to California, he transitioned into marketing at Adobe and then Strategy and Business Development at Live Nation/Ticketmaster.

Upon graduation from business school Eddie decided to become a contestant on the reality-TV show Fear Factor where he ate 20 live bees on the season finale. After realizing that traditional education did not actually prepare him for his jobs, he founded NexusEdge to democratize access to economic opportunity by bringing employer-specific training and hiring into the classroom.

NexusEdge is an alumni of the Techstars Kansas City accelerator and has since partnered with Google, Citi Ventures, LinkedIn, Canvas, and Shopify on career pathways with a focus on community colleges.

Eddie holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Southern California where he served as Student Body President.


How can you reach Eddie:



LinkedIn NexusEdge:



What we talked about:

We spoke about how to make the hiring process more equitable and Eddie what made him decide to found NexusEdge, what it does and how it reduces bias in the hiring process.

Eddie and I covered many aspects of skills: 

Transferable business skills from being a student and professional returning to paid after a long period of absence

Transferable skills from various aspects of one's professional life

Skills from attending Fear Factor


How to connect with Karin Tischler, producer and podcast host of "Job Sharing and Beyond", and founder of Emily's Path Consulting (EPC):