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Jobsharing And Beyond

Jun 24, 2020

Whilst on paternity leave with his second child, Dan Reed was struggling – not with sleep deprivation but with the lack of work. He decided he couldn’t be the only person who got satisfaction from their work but also placed huge importance on family. He put a video out on LinkedIn talking about the two things that were really important to him: pursuing his career, and being a dad. The response was amazing. So, on August 29th, 2019 Career Dad was born.

Dan’s mission statement is pretty simple: To positively impact as many dads’ lives as possible.

He set up, which focusses on articles that talk about fatherhood; equality and gender diversity; flexible working; and, career progression. He started The Career Dad Show podcast, which is an interview-style podcast highlighting stories from individuals that resonate with other dads.

Today, he works with organisations by helping them support dads at work – which ultimately supports mums, too; helping to solve gender diversity and pay issues. He also gets asked by companies to speak to employees about being “a Career Dad” (as he has a day job, too).


How to connect with Dan:








Tidbits from our conversation:

13:30 Few companies have father networks

23:19 Flexible working

26:45 Portfolio careers

31:12 Transferable skills from SAHD to teacher