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Jobsharing And Beyond

Mar 29, 2022

This week I am very appreciative to have as my guest Carlotta Dal Pozzo. Carlotta is an Italian woman based in Berlin, with a passion for everything related to occupational psychology and companies' culture. Taking her first steps into innovative ways of working, she's an advocate of a reduced working week.

As more and more companies are struggling with the great resignation, I feel it is particularly important to learn from different generations about their expectations regarding the future of work.

In this episode I speak with Carlotta about her recently finished bachelor thesis in psychological science about debunking the myth of the 9-to-5 working hours. I found it very interesting to have with Carlotta another guest who has written a university thesis about various aspects of flexible work. To me it follows the trend of many surveys that offering various modes of flexible work is increasingly expected as a given to attract and retain talent.

Carlotta told me about her research regarding various European case studies and theoretical models. She also shared her personal observations regarding work in Germany and Italy.  


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What we talked about:

4:05 Why did she decide on her thesis topic?

5:37 Theoretical part of her thesis 

11:19 Changes due to the pandemic

14:55 Case studies of Carlotta's thesis

27:12 3 Tips regarding retention and attraction of talent

30:46 Italy and Germany work culture


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